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                                                                      SERMON TALES

1.  The mouse and the elephant:

A small mouse and an elephant was crossing a bridge. As they got to the other side the mouse said to the elephant, "did you hear the bridge squeaking while we were crossing it".


2.  A snake that could not swim:

A snake that could not swim wanted to cross a river and he did not know how. While he was wondering how he could cross the river a tortoise came along. The snake asked the tortoise, "can you swim?". The tortoise replied, "yes of course". The snake asked the tortoise, to give him a lift on his back across the river. The tortoise said, "no!, do you think that I am stupid, you will bite me and I will die". The snake replied, "do you think I am that stupid, if I bite you while we cross the river you will die and I will drown." The tortoise believed the snake and off they went. As they got to the other side of the river the snake bit the tortoise in the neck. The tortoise said to the snake, just before he died, "you said, you will not bite me", the snake replied, "I am sorry that is my nature".


3.  The chicken and the pig, commitment:

The chicken said to the pig, "I feel like having bacon and eggs", "You bring the bacon and I will bring the eggs".

4.  There are two ways to begin the day, with or without prayer.

5.  There are two great rulers, God and Satan, which one do you serve?

6.  There are two places where people go after death, Heaven or Hell, where will you go?

7.  There are two roads that we can travel, the narrow road or the wide road, on which road are you?

8.  The nervous brother:

There was a brother that had to give a testimony. He prepared something from the Bible and held his finger between the pages. On his way to the pulpit he took his finger out of the pages by accident. When he got to the front he said very nervously, "Brothers and sisters I am so glad the Lord saved my soul a few years ago", and then he started paging through his Bible looking for the verse that he wanted to share. Not concentrating on what he was saying while searching for the verse in his Bible he said, "The lord saved my soul years ago, many years ago, hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago".


9.  Do not quench the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit is like a little bird held between our two hands, it is for us to decide what we want to do with Him. We can open our hands and the little bird can fly up, high into the sky or we can decide to squash the little bird dead between our to hands.

10. Are you a missionary or a mission field?

11. Tuning in with the Holy Spirit:

The atmosphere around us is full of radio frequencies. We take a radio and tune or adjust it to pick up certain frequencies. The same applies with a television. Likewise the Spirit of God is to us. We must tune in with the Spirit of God.


12. The unsaved husband:

There was the sister that had an unsaved husband. She asked him to pick her up, after a sister's prayer meeting one morning. The husband arrived a little earlier to pick his wife up. While waiting outside the building in his vehicle, he heard the desperate and serious prayers. A few days later a Christian friend at work lead him to the Lord. He arrived home to share the good news with his wife. After sharing the good news he asked his wife, "What were you all praying so desperately for that day I had to pick you up at the sister's prayer meeting?" Her reply was, "My love, we were asking God to save your soul".


13. The school teacher that was an atheist :

There was this school teacher who did not believe in God. One nice, and sunny day one of his students, who was a born again Christian was staring out of the window. "What do you see outside?", the teacher asked the student. The student answered, "I admire, and see God and His creation in all the trees and flowers outside". The teacher replied "I see no God, there is no God". After thinking it over the student asked the teacher, "Sir do you have brains?". The teacher said "Of course I have brains". The student smiled and said, "Sir, but, I can not see your brains".


14. The difference, between listen and hear:

In the center of Johannesburg there is a park called "Joubert Park", where a lot of 'weinoes' hang out. There is a lot of city noises and traffic noises around them but they are deaf to these noises. If they here "phugh" like a cork jumping from a liquor bottle they all jump up and listen.


15. Holy Spirit baptism illustration:

The difference between a 'filling' and a 'baptism' in the Spirit, or the spirit 'by measure' and 'without measure' can be illustrated by a glass of water. One pours water into a glass, to that extent it is filled. You can fill the glass by pouring different measures into it at different times until it is full, or one can fill it at one pouring. You can keep pouring until the glass is running over and still it is not baptized. It is only full and running over. But if you take the glass and immerse or put it under water it is both filled and baptized.

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