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If you believe the Bible is an inspiration from God the Father we have something in common. If you believe there is life after death we have something to share. If this is not what you believe do not even waste your time to read further. This letter is to introduce what Christian Church stands for. Christian Church is an independent ministry that has a vision to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. We are not linked to any church denomination. We do not expect of you to leave your church. Support your church as unto the Lord. Our aim is to preach what the Bible teaches. If your church does not believe what the Bible teach it is time for you to make a serious change.

Whenever God the Holy Spirit start something, those in the established religious community, and sometimes among those from whom we would expect support often meet it with resistance. Jesus met the same resistance when He began His public ministry. This same phenomenon happens today. When God begins a new work that cannot be easily explained based upon prior experiences, many make the mistake of assuming it not to be of God. The very people who should embrace and encourage the work become the source of skepticism and opposition. God tells us that His ways are not our ways. He does things in ways beyond our limited understanding.

The biggest problem Christianís have is, ignorance. They do not understand certain things concerning the Scriptures and accept whatever they are taught. If someone teaches something the Scriptures must confirm it. We are living in the book of Acts, not in the book of Numbers. Are we living in the New Testament times or in the Old Testament times? Of course we believe the Old and New Testament, whom are we trying to bluff? God has dispensational dealings with people. There are more than 50 registered churches in South Africa today. We are not trying to start a new church; we want the Church to wake up. The hour is come. God the Holy Spirit wants to teach the Church.

There are many topics that are not clear to Christians. Who is God? Where is God the Father? Was Jesus with God the Father before He became man? Who is God the Holy Spirit? Why does God not answer all prayers? Why does God allow suffering? Where will you be on the day of your funeral? Why does Jesus or any one in the New Testament not teach tithing? Which is the best translation of the Bible? What does repentance mean? Why does people always say, I am interested, but not right now?  

                                                                       Chris Mengel Snr.

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