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Christian Church        we preach what the Bible teach   

         Table View - Cape Town - South Africa - Non Denominational - 100% Scripture Based

                                                WE PREACH JESUS CHRIST AND THE TRUTH




                                                    We support:  www.biblegateway.com/versions                                                           

                            For a free copy of the Bible on computer go to: http://www.e-sword.net


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                 We offer a DVD with 170 different Bybel studie topics from A - Z at a donation of R250, 

                         it also contains e Bibles and other media. If you want to order this DVD send 

                                                     your name and address to above e-mail.


                                             Our Bible School has been going for ten years

           In the comfort of your own home three years e-mail Certificate / Diploma and Pastoral Diploma

                                                                   Non denominational studies for self enrichment on pure Bible teaching 



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